Experience our 360 Video. Also available for VR Headsets. Both Ground based and Aerial Drone 360 Video available in 6k.

Give your online presence a virtual reality.

We can produce stunning 360x180 virtual worlds of your hotel or surroundings.

Let us create your virtual world

Creaitken has created virtual tours for hotels, resorts, spas and studios all over the world. We go to great lengths to create stunning virtual worlds which are integrated together and published both for web use as well as in super high resolution for Sales & Marketing laptops etc. The tours themselves are multi-layered which allows for the tours to adapt to a multitude of different screen resolutions and mobile platforms. They work with all mobile, including Android and iOS.

  • Virtual Tours

    360X180 Spherical Panoramas

  • Specs

    • iOS
    • Web Optimized
    • Auto Detect screen resolutions
    • Customised skins
    • Map based
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Experience our virtual tour. Also available for VR Headsets.